You will be gone for approximately two weeks so not an interminable length of time but certainly one where you will wish to consider what you pack fairly carefully. I here attach a list that should provide most of the information that you will need. A few things. While we are at the equator we may on occasion be fairly high in altitude with reasonably cool evenings. This you should consider some warm clothes. You should also bring clothing that is modest (i.e. no bare shoulders, bellies or knees) as a courtesy. I also provide the baggage dimensions for Lufthansa although we have not yet decided on airline. I have some field equipment and books so will ask you to keep a small space available in your checked bag. Do remember to bring some shillings (obtain them here rather than trying to do this in Kenya as we will ricochet out of Nairobi quickly). It might be well to obtain a few Euros as well for the Frankfurt Airport.

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